A Kori Talauci Operational Grant N50K To N300K [Kaduna State]

The Kaduna State Government, through the Kaduna state enterprise development agency KADEDA has launched ” A Kori Talauci ” operational grant N30k to N300k programme in line with His Excellency Senator UBA Sani ( the governor of Kaduna state) to promote economic growth in Kaduna state.

A Kori Talauci Operational Grant

A kori talauci programme will provide entrepreneurs with operational grant of N30k to N300k to support there businesses that need financial support to pay rents,salaries,utilities,purchase of raw materials etc.

This program aims to provide grant support to MSMEs in Kaduna State. In this article, we will explore the eligibility criteria, application process, and the benefits of the operational grant for MSMEs.

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A kori talauci Grant Amount

N30k to N300k

Eligibility Criteria Guidelines

To Apply for the program you need to be qualified and meet certain eligibility criteria.

The Kaduna state government has defined the eligibility criteria guidelines:

  • Location : Business must be located in Kaduna state region
  • Registration : The organization should register with cooperative society, SMEDAN OR CAC
  • Age : The minimum age of the business should be 1 year
  • BVN :  A functional Bank Verification Number (BVN) is needed
  • NIN : You should have a valid National Identification Number (NIN) registration.

Grant Amount Different

The programme grant amount is based on the specific needs and requirements of the MSMEs, the type business you are doing is it small or big.

How To Apply

The operational grant applying is simple and interested applicants can apply right as soon as you follow the steps:

  • KDSG Portal : Visit the Kaduna state Enterprise Development Agency (KADEDA) website https://kaddep.kadeda.kdsg.gov.ng/apply/37
  • Application Field : All field with * star symbol are to required field
  • Complete The Application : Make sure to complete all the requirement needed about your MSME
  • Submit : Make sure to upload all the needed document such as NIN,BVN,SMEDAN OR CAC,Tax enrollment etc.
  • Review : Before submitted pro-check all the information and make sure you put the necessary info and submit it.
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A Kori Talauci Operational Grant N50K To N300K [Kaduna State]
A Kori Talauci Operational Grant N50K To N300K [Kaduna State] 1