Apply For Latest Jobs In Emarat Petroleum Dubai 2023

Latest Jobs in Emarat Petroleum Dubai 2023. Emarat Petroleum, also known as Emarat, is a prominent petroleum company based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Established in 1981, Emarat is a subsidiary of the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) and operates within the energy sector. The company is primarily engaged in the distribution and marketing of a wide range of petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel, lubricants, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Jobs in Emarat Petroleum

Emarat Petroleum offers a variety of job opportunities across different sectors of the petroleum industry. These jobs can include positions in areas such as:

Retail Operations

Sales and Marketing

Logistics and Distribution

Engineering and Maintenance

Corporate Functions

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)

Refining and Production

To explore job opportunities at Emarat Petroleum, you can visit their official website or check job listings on reputable job search platforms. Additionally, networking and keeping an eye on their career page can help you stay updated on their latest job openings.

Qualification And Experience Required?

The qualifications and experience required for jobs at Emarat Petroleum can vary widely depending on the specific job role and department. Generally, Emarat seeks individuals with relevant educational backgrounds and experience in their respective fields. Here are some common qualifications and experience requirements for different types of positions:

Entry-Level Positions (e.g., Service Attendants)

High school diploma or equivalent.

No or minimal work experience in the petroleum industry, as on-the-job training is typically provided.

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Sales and Marketing

Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a related field for entry-level positions.

Relevant sales or marketing experience is often preferred.

Logistics and Distribution

Educational requirements may vary but often include relevant certifications or a degree in logistics or a related field.

Experience in logistics or transportation can be advantageous.

Engineering and Maintenance

Bachelor’s or higher degree in engineering or a related discipline for engineering roles.

Experience in maintenance, repair, or relevant engineering fields, depending on the specific position.

Corporate Functions (Finance, HR, IT, Legal, Procurement)

Educational requirements will vary based on the function, but a relevant degree or professional certifications may be necessary.

Previous experience in the specific corporate function is typically preferred.

Keep in mind that meeting the minimum requirements is essential, but additional skills, certifications, and experience can enhance your competitiveness as a job applicant.

How to Apply Job in Emarat Petroleum

Start by visiting the official Emarat Petroleum website. They typically have a dedicated “Careers” or “Join Us” section where you can find information about current job openings we share below Apply links Just click on APPLY NOW you will be redirect to vacant positions.