Apply Now For Flourish Africa N3 Million Naira Grants For Nigerian Entrepreneurs

In a groundbreaking initiative, Flourish Africa, in collaboration with MSME Africa, has launched the third edition of the Flourish Africa Grant for Female Entrepreneurs. This remarkable program, boasting a staggering One Billion Naira fund, is dedicated to empowering and advancing African female-owned businesses over a span of five years through a comprehensive approach involving training, mentoring, and financial support.

Program Overview:

The Flourish Africa Grant for Female Entrepreneurs aims to bolster the entrepreneurial endeavors of a minimum of 2,500 female business owners across Africa by providing essential training and mentorship over the next five years. This initiative is set to train at least 500 female entrepreneurs annually in both business and life skills. Subsequently, the top 100 high achievers from this pool will be eligible for substantial grants of 3 million naira each from a dedicated 200 million naira annual fund. 

Training Curriculum:

The Flourish Africa training curriculum is meticulously designed to equip female entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful business journey. This comprehensive program not only provides practical skill development but also offers invaluable mentoring, business capital, and access to key marketplaces.

Application Criteria:

To be considered for this life-changing opportunity, applicants must adhere to the following criteria:

– Age Range: Applicants must be between 18 and 50 years old.

– Gender Requirement: The initiative is exclusively for female entrepreneurs. If the business is co-owned with a man, the female applicant must hold a minimum of 51% ownership, substantiated with proof.

Technology Access: Applicants must possess internet-enabled devices for training purposes and commit to a four-month virtual training period.

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– Business Phase: Applying businesses must be in the startup phase.

– Geographic Location: Eligible businesses must be domiciled in Lagos, Abuja, or River State.

Application Process:

The application window for the Flourish Africa Grant for Female Entrepreneurs opens on November 27th, 2023, and closes on December 31st. Interested entrepreneurs who meet the outlined criteria can commence their application process by visiting Flourish Africa Application Link

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your entrepreneurial journey. Apply now and join the league of empowered female entrepreneurs making a significant impact on the business landscape. Flourish Africa is committed to supporting and uplifting the next generation of successful women in business. Apply today and secure your chance at a Flourish Africa Grant!