Epfl Life Sciences Summer Research Program In Switzerland 2024 (Fully Funded)

EPFL Life Sciences Summer Research Program in Switzerland 2024 has been announced for the students, seeking careers in biology, biophysics, bioengineering, bioinformatics, genetic courses, chemistry, quantitative biology, or other related life sciences. The EPFL School of Life Sciences offers such programs to develop the skills of potential candidates around the globe by providing them with a chance to explore solutions to related field challenges while working on research projects.

The fully-funded summer fellowship program is available for everyone who is enrolled at the university level in the mentioned fields. 20-25 candidates participate each summer in the research program of Switzerland. They will get 8 weeks of lab experience during the tenure. They will get mentorship from faculty and scientific staff to complete their projects on time. Moreover, you will get the privilege of attending scientific seminars and personal development workshops. At the end of the SRP 2024 program, you will be expected to deliver the presentation of the research project that shows your learning curve throughout your stay in Switzerland.

The EPFL summer school in Switzerland is considered a rich program, encompassing social activities of a day hike with BBQ and others. The participants will get the opportunity to be a part of ongoing research experience in EPFL lab. They will learn new techniques related to health issues. Their critical thinking towards the intricacies of their fields will be improved. In short, this research program will transform a graduate student into a future independent researcher who will be willing to experience the challenges of scientific research by gaining insight into what a research career requires.

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Talking about EPFL was founded in 1969 as recognized as one of the youngest institutions of technology in the world with over 17000 students and employees making it a dynamic and bustling campus. The mode of communication for workshops, seminars, and lab classes will be in the English language. However, French or other languages can be used for informal communication among the fellows. Housing will be either in Lausanne or Geneva depending upon the availability of space. There is no formal uniform to attend the program but make sure that you do not wear such clothes in which your body parts are not covered. Further, you will have to work at least 40 hours a week on lab-related assignments.



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