How To Apply For Nitda 3Mtt

Everyone interested in tech or soft skills please apply for NITDA 3MTT and what skill are you good at make sure to check more information on NITDA 3MTT


NITDA stands for National Information Technology Development Agency, which is a Nigerian agency responsible for the development and regulation of information technology in the country.

The 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) programme, a critical part of the Renewed Hope agenda, is aimed at building Nigeria’s technical talent backbone to power our digital economy and position Nigeria as a net talent exporter. The first phase of the programme, executed in collaboration with NITDA, will involve multiple stakeholders including fellows, training providers, partners and placement organisations

How To Apply For Nitda 3Mtt
How To Apply For Nitda 3Mtt 1

Five steps to apply for NITDA 3MTT programme

  1. Visit www. with NIN, email, and phone number.
  2. Fill out the application form.
  3. Input your employment status and background skills.

4. Choose a training program out of the many options (options include: Quality Assurance, Product Management, Data Science, Animation, AI/Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Game Development, etc.)

5. Submit the application form and wait for information via mail.

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Everyone interested in tech or soft skills please apply. Please share this particular one far and wide.

Scope of training:
1.Software Development
2.UI/UX Design
3.Data Analysis & Visualisation
4.Quality Assurance
5.Product Management
6.Data Science
8.AI / Machine Learning
10.Game Development
11.Cloud Computing
12.Dev Ops

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3 Months (phase 1)

Fully Funded with laptop at the end of the training and national awards.

Not Specified

How much does it cost to register with NITDA 3MTT ?

no fee

NITDA currently charges no fee for .GOV.NG and .MIL.NG domain name registration and update. However, if a .GOV.NG or .MIL.NG domain name is registered through a NiRA accredited registrar, it is expected that the registrar would charge a reasonable consultancy fee for associated services