Hey Guys! Here is another opportunity for you to win a 3MTT laptop and Mi-fi for Learning Community Members and Fellows, the February edition of the #3MTT Knowledge Showcase is finally here! 3MTT management is inviting you to share your latest project or present what you’ve learned in your courses for a chance to win a laptop or 5G Internet Modem!

How to participate and win

1. Create a 2-minute video explaining a project or idea and the problem you’re addressing with your current knowledge or create a 2-minute video sharing what you’ve learned in your course so far.

2. Post the video on social media using the hashtags #3MTTLearningCommunity & #My3MTT

3. Tag @3MTT Nigeria and include your Community ID in your post.

4. Encourage your network to like, share, and comment on your video! Increased engagement strengthens your chances of winning. #3MTT

This showcase is open to Learning Community members and Fellows. 3mtt management looks forward to seeing your videos and celebrating your progress!