Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python. Topics: • A Notion of computation • Python programming language • Some simple algorithms • Informal introduction to algorithmic complexity • Data Structures and more Try here. CLICK HERE

Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science. Topics: •Plotting with the pylab package •Stochastic programming and statistical thinking •Monte Carlo simulations Try here : CLICK HERE

The Science of Uncertainty and Data Topics: • The basic structure and elements of probabilistic models • Random variables, their distributions, means, and variances • Probabilistic calculations • Inference methods and more Try here : CLICK HERE

The Secret of Life Topics: • How to describe the building blocks of life and how their interactions dictate structure and function in biology • How to predict genotypes and phenotypes given genetics data and more Try here : CLICK HERE
Foundations of Modern Finance Topics: • Valuation of fixed income securities and common stocks • Risk analysis, APT, Efficient Market Hypothesis • Introduction to corporate finance and capital budgeting and more Try here : CLICK HERE
Becoming an Entrepreneur Topics: • Overcoming the top myths of entrepreneurship • Defining your goals as an entrepreneur and startup • Identifying business opportunities • Performing market research and choosing your target customer Try here : CLICK HERE
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