Apply For Jobs In Dubai At Dubai Mall, Multiple Vacancies In Shopping Mall

Jobs in Dubai at Dubai Mall Multiple Vacancies in Shopping Mall. If you are looking for a change of career in 2017, you might want to consider looking for a job at Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall is one of the best known locations in Dubai and is the biggest shopping mall in the entire world. Enjoying an enviable location as part of the $20 billion Downtown complex, it contains 1,200 different shops and is the planet’s most visited building, with over 54 million people arriving each year.

Apply For Jobs In Dubai At Dubai Mall, Multiple Vacancies In Shopping Mall

The Dubai Mall was opened in 2008 and has proved exceptionally popular ever since thanks to its unrivaled retail and leisure opportunities for visitors. As well as many varied stores, it is also home to a cinema, a luxury hotel, aquarium, ice rink, 3 large car parks and 120 cafes and restaurants. It is easy to see therefore that there are plenty of exciting job opportunities to be had across a broad spectrum of sectors.

Types Of Jobs In Dubai At Dubai Mall

If you are looking for jobs in Dubai at Dubai Mall, you may be looking for openings in one of the following fields:

Retail/Shop Assistant roles




Food Service

Valeting/Car Parking



Tourist Information

Leisure attendants

Customer service


Apply For Jobs In Dubai At Dubai Mall, Multiple Vacancies In Shopping Mall

There are vacancies available at all levels, from entry level posts for those with little or no experience right up to senior level positions for those with extensive qualifications and many years of experience. There is such a breadth of choice available that there is sure to be a suitable job to suit any applicant.

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Employment At Dubai Mall

The team that employ staff for the Dubai Mall are always on the look out for flexible and energetic team players who are enthusiastic and passionate, embracing the challenge of working for such a rapidly growing organization.

Successful employees can enjoy excellent personal and professional growth as well as a great sense of fulfillment. The workforce at the Dubai Mall is extremely multicultural, with more than 82 different nationalities represented, and all enjoy a world class working environment. Customer service skills are paramount, and those who can offer this skillset are highly in demand.

Necessary Qualifications

The qualifications necessary for each role will vary depending on the type of position being applied for. For an entry level post, it is likely that only a good level of high school education is necessary together with good inter-personal and communication skills and a high level of enthusiasm for the job.

For more senior posts, you will almost certainly have to hold qualifications that are relevant to the post that you are applying for – for example a degree level qualification in hospitality or management, as well as considerable experience in the field.

For most positions that involve interaction with the public, applicants will be expected to have strong English language skills, a basic level of computing ability and around two years of relevant experience in a related industry. Presentation is also extremely important at the Dubai Mall, and therefore a good level of personal grooming is essential in order to be successful at securing a post.

Where To Find Jobs At Dubai Mall

The best place to begin your search for jobs at the Dubai Mall is to visit the Dubai Mall careers portal where you will find full listings of all vacancies across all of the available sectors. Whatever type of job you are looking for, whether it be a specialist role or a more general position, you are sure to find a listing to meet your needs here.

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Apply For Jobs In Dubai At Dubai Mall, Multiple Vacancies In Shopping Mall

The careers portal lists details about each vacancy, including the specific part of the mall that it is in, a full job description, the necessary qualifications or requirements, the date the job was listed and whether it is a full time, part time or permanent position. You can also apply online for any of these positions, making the application process much simpler and quicker.