Apply For She Entrepreneurs 2024 


Are you an entrepreneur with a vision ​​to make​ an impact on society through your business? Do you want to take the next steps to grow​ your enterprise​? Become part of a strong network of impact-driven female founders in the Middle East, North Africa and Türkiye through our ​leadership programme​ She Entrepreneurs


She Entrepreneurs will give you:


  • The opportunity to plan and develop a strategy for your business in an inspiring and collaborative learning environment. 
  • Regular ​​sessions with expert mentors ​providing their support and input. ​ 
  • Increased self-awareness as a leader and ​a deep​ understanding of how to build effective and motivated teams​ while also taking care of your own long-term wellbeing. 
  • Increased knowledge on topics such as business development, innovation​,​ and partnerships to create relevant and attractive products and services​​​, as well as​ reach new customers and markets.   
  • New perspectives on how you can follow​ ​up and increase the impact of your business by measuring your value creation.​
  • A strong and active community of ​like-minded​ women.


Only applicants who have submitted a complete application will be considered for the programme. These are the steps you need to go through to submit your application


  1. Register your profile in the application portal: She Entrepreneurs 2024 – Swedish Institute: Leadership application portal (


  1. Select what programme you would like to apply for (She Entrepreneurs is available 12 February – 12 March 2024).


  1. Answer all the questions for the different sections in the application portal (found in the left-hand menu).


  1. Upload your CV under the document section.
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  1. After you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive a confirmation to your inbox in Dream Apply.


  1. You will also receive a message to your inbox in Dream Apply with a link to record a short video. Follow the instructions in the message. It will take less than ten minutes to record the video. You will get two questions to answer within two minutes each. We ask you to make the recording in a quiet setting and, if possible, use headphones with a built-in microphone. Please note that it is mandatory to make the video recording. We wish you the best of luck!


Criteria For Application On She Entrepreneurs 2024 


The Swedish Institute appoints a selection committee consisting of senior entrepreneurs and field experts. Each application is evaluated by two different members of the selection committee. 


Each application is evaluated according to the following criteria: 


  • Business potential  
  • Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals  
  • The potential of the applicant as an entrepreneur


SI will contact the 50 selected applicants by email to offer them a place in the programme. SI will also compose a list of reserve candidates in case a second selection round is needed. Unfortunately, because of the large number of applications for a limited number of spots, we have to turn down many highly qualified candidates who apply to the programme.