Latest Npower News Update On February 2024

In the latest developments regarding the Npower program and other initiatives under the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) as of  February 12, 2024, President Bola Tinubu’s recent suspension of four key programs-Npower, Conditional Cash Transfer, Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program, and the Home-Grown School Feeding Program-has garnered significant attention. This suspension, initiated due to allegations of fund mismanagement, has paused all related activities, including distributions, events, payments, and registrations.


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Here are the latest NPower News Update on February 2024:


  • A few weeks ago, President Tinubu suspended 4 programs run by NSIPA: Npower, cash transfers, business support, and school meals.
  • This happened because there were concerns about how money was being used in these programs.
  • As a result, all program activities are stopped, including payments and new registrations.


Good news: some money recovered!


  • The government agency fighting corruption (EFCC) found and got back 30 billion Naira that was lost.
  • This money is hoped to be used to restart payments to people in the Npower program soon.


Investigation continues:


  • The EFCC is still questioning people they suspect of stealing money from the programs.
  • This includes the previous program leader and someone who used to work in the Ministry that oversaw the programs.
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President’s message:


  • The President says his government wants to make sure these programs are run honestly and help people the way they were meant to.


Things to remember:


  • Npower payments are on hold while the investigation happens.
  • Some money has been recovered, which could be good news for people who were supposed to get paid.
  • The government is trying to fix the problems so the programs can run well again.