Talented Kano Varsity Student Design And Build His Own Drones, Planes And Cars, Wowed Many

A 22-year-old talented and brilliant Nigerian Undergraduate of Yusuf Maimaita Sule University, Kano ( Formerly North West University Kano) identified as Abdullahi Salisu has amazed many people with his creative and talented worked as he designed and built his own drones, planes and cars.

The 22-year-old, Abdullahi Salisu has developed an engineering skill with which he designs and build drones, vehicles, excavators, planes and many more. He spoke extensively to us in an exclusive interview.

The unique thing about Salisu who is known popularly as Ambassador is that, his field of study has nothing to do with aerospace engineering. 

The talented man, who is currently a student of international relations at the Yusuf Maitama Sule University located in Kano State, Nigeria. He considers his talent a gift from God.

He revealed to our team that, he sources his materials from a local market called Jakara. The rest are sourced from discarded waste in dustbins.


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He stated that, he was mocked at the initial stages after attempts to test some of his planes failed. He does not only manufacture but also has the skill to repair drones and helicopter prototypes as seen in the photos.

According to him, he acknowledged support from two main friends he identified as Jibril Aminu Musa and Aghogho whom he said helps him when he need certain technical support. “Sometimes I ask them things that I don’t know and they explain it to me,” Salisu told wakandafricanews.com.

He equally revealed that, he gets necessary support and motivation from his parents to keep pushing his dreams forward. He told us that, he commenced his inventions when he was in Junior High School.

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Abdullahi Salisu has impacted young people with his drive to keep on in the face of mockery. At Wakanda, we identify and celebrate such exceptional stories to set good examples to the younger generation.