Young Nigerian Man Who Bags Bsc At 18, Sets Unique Record As He Bags Phd At 21

An exceptional Nigerian Man identified as Akinyele Aminu has set an outstanding record as one of the youngest persons in the world to earn a doctorate degree from University.

Akinyele Aminu, has earned his PhD from University Of Pittsburgh, United States at the age of 21. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from Mountain Top University with an excellent academic record of first class.

According to Akinyele Aminu, he narrated that he was enrolled into school at young age  “I went through all the classes until I got to primary school, where I was given a double promotion from primary two to primary four. I had a complete secondary education and gained admission to the university at 14; the same year I left secondary school,” 

Celebrating his achievement on LinkedIn, Akinyele Aminu noted that he was awarded fellowships that catered for all his tuition as well as all his expenses at the University of Pittsburgh.

Akinyele Aminu PhD at 21.

He wrote ; 

“PhD at 21 in non-STEM 💃🏼!

“I ended my Bachelor’s degree LinkedIn convocation post here in 2019 with “The journey has just begun.” Indeed, it has only just begun.

“I am elated to announce that I have proceeded for a PhD at the University of Pittsburgh at the age of 21! In recognition of my academic accomplishments, I was awarded a fellowship that caters for my entire tuition as well as all my expenses.

“Looking in retrospect, I have been on several scholarships all my life, and it is God I glorify for this. With a heart of gratitude to God, I can say that I am moving slowly but surely to the Promised Land. 

“My immense gratitude goes to my parents, Mr and Mrs Aminu, for their unquantifiable support. I also sincerely appreciate i-Scholar Initiative (iSI) and EducationUSA  for their motivation and guidance throughout my application period and beyond. Thank you, Franklin Egemole, Victor Ogunmola, Victor Agboga, Babajide Milton Macaulay, Ph.D., Taofeeq Adebayo, Kelechukwu Onwukamike (Dr. rer. nat.) (Ph.D), Godspower Ubit and every other person that assisted me during my application!

“My PhD is in Linguistics and my interests are Computational Linguistics, Neurolinguistics, Sociolinguistics and Discourse Analysis. Looking forward to exploring research with some of the world’s brightest minds in one of America’s most powerful institutions.

Hail to Pitt!

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