Apply For Selar N100,000 Undergraduate Scholarship For Nigerian Scholarship

Accessing to higher education is often hindered by financial constraints, limiting the potential of countless bright minds. Recognizing this barrier, Selar, a forward-thinking organization, has launched the Tuition Support Project.


This initiative aims to provide financial aid to 50 final-year students across various tertiary institutions in Nigeria, offering each student NGN100,000 to alleviate the burden of tuition fees. In this article, we delve into the significance of such initiatives, the impact of education on society, and the transformative power of investment in human capital.


Selection Criteria


Please note: Completing the application accurately and submitting all required documents largely influences the outcome of your application.


  • Must be a student living and studying in Nigeria

  • Must be a final year student enrolled in an accredited tertiary institution (public, select private, polytechnic)

  • A clear statement of purpose

  • CGPA of 3.0/Cumulative grade of 65% or higher with academic records as an attestation

  • Must have a financial or economic need.


Building a Sustainable Future:

At its core, Selar Tuition Fund Project is about investing in human capital and building a sustainable future for Nigeria. By ensuring that talented individuals have access to quality education, we lay the foundation for economic growth, social cohesion, and sustainable development. Education empowers individuals to break the cycle of poverty, pursue their aspirations, and contribute to the collective advancement of society.

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How To Apply


To Apply For the Selar Tuition Support Project | Undergraduate Scholarship click on the Apply here link below


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Aspire Leaders Program Eligibility


  • 18-26 years old

  • Low-income background

  • First-generation college student or recent graduate but not enrolled in a graduate program

  • Intermediate level English

If you meet these eligibility criteria and submit a 10 minute application, you will be accepted!


Aspire Leaders Program

Personal and Professional Development


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Immersive Learning


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Aspire Leadership Course: Societal Impact for First-Generation Leaders


Six session leadership development course designed and delivered by Harvard University faculty. 


  • Week One: Understanding Yourself as a Leader

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  • Week Three: Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence

  • Week Four: Voices of Leaders

  • Week Five: Addressing Community Challenges

  • Week Six: Live Discussions – Being in Action in Your Communities Worldwide


To Apply For The Scholarship Visit The Official Website