Brilliant Adustech Student Graduate With First Class From Geology, Shares Story

A brilliant Nigerian Man identified as Atiku Saleh Ramin Kura from Aliko Dangote University Of Science and Technology Wudil, ADUSTECH (formerly Kano University of Science and Technology Wudil) has set a unique academic record at the Geology Department of the Faculty of Earth and Environmental Science After he successfully bagged a First Class degree honour with outstanding academic performance.

Atiku Saleh Ramin Kura, has taken his social media page to show his gratitude to almighty Allah for giving him the chance to achieve such academic milestone.

According to Atiku Saleh Ramin Kura, he shared his story by saying

“I am grateful to Almighty Allah for being able to complete this program successfully. I will like to express my satisfaction for the support and guidance of my parent whose love for me has no bounds  and taught me the value of hard work and also for their support not only in this studies and my entire life in general, to my other family members,  their contribution can’t go unnoticed, my friends and all those who have helped me throughout this study.”

Atiku Saleh Ramin Kura, added that, “I will like to express my gratitude to entire staff of the department both academic and nonacademic staff for their tireless effort .toward the successful completion of this studies.”

“If I was to ask how my life has been throughout these studies, I would have no definite answer. Likewise If I was to state my experiences, I would have no remembrance of it because its a long story. Like every other person, life for me had its ups and downs. For the years spent, I was as determined as ever to be better than I was.”

There were good experiences and bad, teachable and memorable ones. In the end, we learn new things, of what works for us as individuals and what does not. Achieving most of the set goals have been the highlight of my years and I hope to be a motivation for people who believe they can be more.”

“One thing is that you can’t get it all at the same time but only the brave start and the determined finish.”

In conclusion, Atiku Saleh Ramin Kura salute his friends for their support by saying “Nothing makes these years as memorable as the people I have met, the ones who helped me and the ones I helped, the friends I made and the people that don’t give up on me.”

Congratulations to Atiku Saleh Ramin Kura From all of us in Campusbrief

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