Waec English Question And Answer 2023/2024

The WAEC English question and answer 2023 exam as we trying to teach are off different sections with typically divided into four sections:

WAEC English Question And Answer 2023 Process

  1. Comprehension
  2. Summary Writing
  3. Lexis and Structure
  4. Essay Writing
  • The comprehension section usually entails reading a passage and answering questions based on the passage.
  • The summary writing section requires the candidate to read a passage and summarize it in their own words.
  • The lexis and structure section tests the candidate’s knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and sentence structure.
  • The essay writing section challenges the candidate to write an essay on a given topic.

To prepare for the exam, students should practice with waec past question and answer to improve their grammar and vocabulary, and develop their writing skills.

WAEC English Question And Answer On Comprehension Passage (Example)


The Importance of Time Management for Students

Time management is a crucial skill that every student should possess. Proper management of time helps students to achieve their academic goals, reduces stress, and increases productivity. Being able to balance academics and other activities is essential for success in school.

  • Question 1: Why is time management important for students?
  • Answer: Time management is important for students because it helps them to achieve their academic goals, reduces stress, and increases productivity.
  • Question 2: What are the benefits of having good time management skills?
  • Answer: The benefits of having good time management skills include better academic performance, reduced stress and anxiety, increased productivity, and better work-life balance.
  • Question 3: What are some practical ways students can improve their time management skills?
  • Answer: Some practical ways students can improve their time management skills include creating a to-do list, setting priorities, breaking down big tasks into smaller ones, avoiding procrastination, and staying focused on the task at hand.
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Here is a sample of English Language Comprehension Passage to read and understand how you can pass waec exam.

WAEC English Questions And Answers On Summary Writing (Example)

Jenny had always been a diligent student. She worked hard throughout high school and earned top grades in her classes. As a result, she was accepted into one of the prestigious universities in the country.

During her college years, Jenny faced several challenges, including a heavy workload, financial struggles and personal issues. But she persevered and graduated with honors in her major. However, it wasn’t until she landed a job in her chosen field that she felt a real sense of achievement.

Jenny started working as an entry-level employee, but she quickly rose through the ranks. She proved her worth by applying the skills and knowledge she gained from her education. Her dedication and hard work paid off, and she earned a promotion within a year of starting her job.

Jenny continued to work hard and gain new skills, leading to more promotions and recognition from her employers. She worked on interesting projects and tackled challenging assignments, always delivering excellent work. Her efforts didn’t go unnoticed, and her colleagues and supervisors praised her work ethic, professionalism and positive attitude.

Years later, Jenny became a manager in her company and oversaw multiple projects and teams. She was respected and admired by her subordinates and peers alike. Her determination, perseverance and hard work had paid off in ways she never imagined.

Summary Writing Sample

Jenny’s story highlights the importance of hard work, perseverance, and dedication in achieving success. Despite facing challenges throughout college and her career, she never gave up. Jenny’s story shows that through hard work and effort, anyone can achieve their goals and realize their full potential.

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WAEC English Question And Answers Sample On  Lexis And Structure

Instruction: Choose the word that best Fill in the spaces:

  • Looking at Ade, he _____ a bad egg and must be disciplined.

A. was

B. that

C. On

D. Is

E. At

Solution: The Correct Answer is D.

  • My friend, he said, _____ bags are really heavy.

A. You’re

B. Yours

C. You

D. Your

E. You’d

Solution: The Correct Answer is D.

  •  As tall as I was, I _____ see above the fence.

A. Wouldn’t

B. Can

C. Couldn’t

D. Cannot

E. Should

Solution: The Correct Answer is C.

  • The magnitude of the slap was so _____

A. Thunderous

B. Tepid

C. Bulgariaceous

D. Voluptuous

E. Expo

Solution: The Correct Answer is A

WAEC English Past Question On Essay Writing

The WAEC essay writing section is an opportunity for students to showcase their writing skills and ability to express their thoughts in a clear and concise manner. Here are some tips to help students succeed in the essay writing section of the WAEC:

  1. Read the prompt carefully: Before starting to write, it’s important to understand the prompt fully. Make sure to read the prompt carefully and underline any key words or phrases.
  2.  Plan your essay: Take a few minutes to brainstorm your ideas and create an outline. This will help you stay focused and organized as you write.
  3.  Use an introduction, body, and conclusion: A well-written essay should have an introduction that grabs the reader’s attention, a body that supports the thesis statement, and a conclusion that summarizes the main points.
  4.  Use proper grammar and punctuation: Make sure to use proper grammar and punctuation throughout the essay. This will help make your writing clear and easy to read.
  5.  Stay on topic: Make sure to stay on topic and support your arguments with evidence and examples. Avoid going off on tangents or including irrelevant information.
  6.  Revise and edit: Take the time to revise and edit your essay before submitting it. Check for spelling and grammar errors, and make sure your writing is clear and easy to understand.
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Overall, the most important thing to remember when writing an essay for the WAEC is to stay focused, organize your thoughts, and effectively communicate your ideas in a well-written and concise manner. With practice and preparation, students can excel in this section of the exam.

WAEC English Past Question On Format Of letter writing

  1. Formal Letter : A formal letter is a letter written to a business or organization, government department, or individual in a professional
  2. Informal letter: An informal letter is a letter that is written to a friend, family member, or acquaintance.
  • Formal Letter

Waec English Questions And Answers For 2023/

  1. Write your address on the left-hand side
  2. Endeavour to greet the addressee properly using Dear Sir/Madam
  3. Put your topic or subject at the beginning after addressing your letter
  4. Go straight to the point and state your reasons in the first paragraph in not more than 80 words
  5. Check the tone of your letter and ensure it is polite.
  6. Write your address and date
  7. State the name and title of your Addressee
  8. Bring your letter to a close with an appreciative word like “Thank you” or “I’m grateful”, then end it with “Yours Sincerely” and append your full name and signature.



  • Informal Letter

Waec English Questions And Answers For 2023

  1. Write your address
  2. The address of your receiver
  3. Salutation/Greeting
  4. Body of the letter
  5. Conclusion with compliments
  6. Name and Signature of the sender


As a new WAEC Exam Candidate here is a sample of how you will be asked in difference ways but make sure to write search more knowledge within your school and your teachers so that you can have good focus of what you are facing in your exam. Good Luck